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About Us

My name is Chea.  I am the wife of Robert, the mother of nine (9) sons, many fur babies, a student working on my Bachelor's in Biblical Counseling, a hobby writer, and lover of many things creative.

I have loved animals since as far back as I can remember.  I was raised around cats (now severely allergic) and dogs. 











As a child you would compare me to those kids that brought home strays and just about any non-human creation she could find.  We had turtles, spiders, snakes, fish, hamsters, rabbits, cats, and dogs.  If only I could've had a horse.  I was that child who would talk to the animals (still do) when we went on field trips at school.  My "what do you want to be when you grow up" response was always the same, 'A Veterinarian.' 


Fast forward a few years.  I had continued to pick up strays and re-home them.  I even had fur-babies of my own.    We started raising large breed dogs in 1999.  That all began with these two beauties, Paisley and Mozart.

Silver was our first Great Dane.  Once we came to know, do life, and fall in love with the Dane breed we knew our lives would be changed forever.  


When I was approached with the opportunity to take over for a breeder who was getting out of the business, a light I hadn't seen in many years lit within me.  Could I really do this?  How awesome it would be to care for and love the fur babies of other families in the world.  After a conversation with my husband, my brother, and after some not so pleasant experiences I had (and read about) with other breeders, I contacted Silver's breeder about changing his registration from pet to full, she agreed.  This was it!  I decided to go all in.  My opportunity to follow my childhood dream but in a different way.  I could make a difference in the animal/pet world.  I could be that type of breeder that I would like to have for myself.  So it began, what we concluded would be a lifelong entanglement with the marvelous Great Dane.  We have become a part of the world that grants families with the type of smiles and joy that only this breed could bring (yes I'm biased) and all the while seeking to follow my dream and my new goal of producing championship quality Danes.  Thus, we are working diligently at improving our lines all while sharing our babies with the world.  It has been our honor to live with this breed and we are privileged to share in your joy as we work that much harder at placing happy, healthy, great temperament, bred to conformation, quality four legged babies in your homes. 

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