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Q & A's

What are your hours?

We do not have specific hours, as we do not have a storefront.  Our Danes are raised inside of our home.


Do you do puppy visits?

We no longer do them at our home, but we do allow no touch puppy meetups at a public location once they are six (6) weeks of age.  Our Danes are raised inside of our home with our children and we have changed how we do this as a safety measure.  It is very unfortunate that Breeders have to be concerned about such things but there are numerous stories out there of Breeders being assaulted, robbed, and even killed.  Visitors can also unknowingly bring harmful and even deadly viruses into our home (example: Parvo, distemper, canine flu, etc.).  We also send photos every 7-10 days, we can utilize Facetime or Google Duo, and record videos.

Can I pick out a puppy in person?

Yes, once the puppies are six (6) weeks of age. you can schedule a meetup with the puppy or puppies that are available.

Do you microchip your puppies?

As of March 2021, we either microchip all puppies or send them home with a microchip to give to the vet.

How do we get our puppy if we live out of state?

You can pick up your puppy, we can personally deliver to certain areas for a fee, or a trusted ground shipper/flight nanny may be used.  With ground shipping, to ensure a more developed immune system, we do not allow puppies to be shipped via an outside transporter until 12 weeks of age.  A pup being flown in cabin via a flight nanny may go sooner.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping can be as low as $375 to over $1,000 (the higher price is typically for private transport).

What food do you feed?

Some of the foods we feed are 4 Health Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice, Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice, Purina One Large Breed Puppy, Diamond Hi-Energy, and Purina Large Breed Puppy.

What is the "Nimrod "the Wolf" Blessing & Discount"?

Once a year, between August and December we offer one (1) military family a puppy at 20% off, a puppy at 30% off for nurses, and a puppy at 10% off for teachers in the name of my father who I lost late 2020. 

What are your breeding goals?

Without making this lengthy.  Our goals are to improve our lines, and also have show dogs, as well as service dogs, and to place happy, well mannered, healthy puppies with loving families around the world.

Do you keep a puppy from each litter?

In all honesty, I would love to do that!  However, without co-breeders, guardian homes, and/or show homes that isn't doable each litter.  We want all of our babies to get the proper attention and one on one care/love that any pet would.  If we were to house a puppy from each litter that would become a difficult task and we would have to utilize kennels more than what is desired.  With that being said, we do keep some of them.

Do you require puppies to be health tested?

I do not require it but I do recommend it.  Without the health testing of our puppies, we really do not know to what extent any issue etc. goes in our lines.  The testing gives us a better and more clearer understanding of the health within the lines of our dogs.

Are you willing to take back puppies that you produce?

Yes.  We have an open door to any of our babies once they are cleared by a vet.  I will always be there for them.

Have you ever had a puppy or dog returned, and if so; why?

Unfortunately, yes.  We do our best to place puppies in a forever home, but things happen.  Families have fallen on hard times, schedules have changed causing more separation from the puppy, families not wanting to deal with the mess of a puppy, or not taking the time to properly train their Dane baby.  These all have been some reasonings behind one of our pups being returned or re-homed.

What stimulation activities, or temperament testing do you do, if any?

We start exposing them to various desensitizing sounds, and at seven (7) weeks we begin exposing them to different elements, and adults in children, etc.

Why do your Danes cost so much?

The fact that I have to address this is cumbersome; however, I will anyway.  First, I will state that our Danes are actually reasonably priced.  No offense to anyone but that old adage, you get what you pay for rings true.  Our dogs don’t just sit in our backyards delivering puppies in sheds or wherever backyard dogs deliver their puppies.  I put in the time/research making sure the Dam and Sire are the right match, etc.  I spend the time making sure they are both healthy, non-stressed, surrounded by love, and more.  I work at giving these puppies the best start at life before they are even conceived.  I spend time preparing for the Dam's labor and delivery.  I make sure that we have all of the materials needed to ensure that things go as smoothly as they should and could go while delivering at home.  I spend countless hours with the Dam making sure that everything is fine.  During the delivery, I am there.  When the puppies need 24/7 monitoring to ensure Mom doesn’t accidentally squash or hurt one of them, I am there.  When pups need supplemented, I am there.  When they are ill or need a little extra care, I am there.  For the first 2-3 weeks (and sometimes longer), I stare sleep in the face and ask, “Who are you?”  When they need socializing, I am there.  When they need training, I am there.  When they need to be taken to appointments, I am there.  When they need cleaning, I am there.  When the whelping room needs cleaning multiple times a day, I am there.  When I say I, I mean me and my children.  They are also a big help.  Well over 40 hours a week is spent taking care of these babies and with seven (7) children, a husband who can act like one of the children (just kidding babe or am I 😂), college, plus homeschool, it takes a lot of work and is very time consuming but that is my job!  So, when you ask me why my puppies are so high or tell me that you can buy one cheaper elsewhere, I say good riddance because the families I want for my babies will understand what it takes to raise a healthy, loving, socially adept, great temperament family pet.  They will be willing to sacrifice for them the same way that I am.  They know that you can’t put a price tag on a great, Great Dane!  One who’s start at life has been filled with so much love, care, time, and effort!  


Do you offer stud services?  

In 2024 we will.

Are your sire's and dam's health tested and/or certified?

All of our Sire's and Dams are DNA, IMGD, and Genetic tested through Embark.  We also do OFA certified testing.

Can my puppy still have health issues that their parents were tested for?

Of course.  Health testing is to ensure that our breeding dogs are in optimal health.  It does not guarantee anything with the puppy.  Could it decrease the chances of said puppy having certain health conditions; yes.  However, Danes being a giant breed dog are predisposed to certain conditions due to their sheer size.  Not only that, but there are also many other things that tie into a pup's health, for instance: exercise, diet, and various environmental factors.

What are some health issues that I should know about?

As mentioned in the previous question, Danes are predisposed to various conditions due to their size and breed.  Some of the common ones that most people hear about are bloat, hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, allergies, cherry eye, and wobblers.  Please do your due diligence and look up the diseases that Danes are prone to so that way you can be thoroughly equipped with the knowledge needed to properly care for your Dane and quickly notice various signs etc.  

Are your puppies dewormed?

Our pups are on a deworming protocol that consists of being dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate at 2, 3, and 4 weeks of age, Safeguard for 3 or 5 days at 6 weeks, and with Drontal at 9 weeks.  This protocol may alter based on available medications and fecal testing.

Are you puppies seen by a vet?


Do you have any references?

Yes... we have many puppy parents that you are able to speak with about the condition of their babies, myself as a breeder, etc.


How often do you breed your females and when do you start?

We have changed our stance on whether or not to breed our dams back-to-back or every other heat.  We start breeding our dams during their second or third heat cycle (unless contractually obligated to begin at a different date) and now they are bred each heat cycle (if cleared) until they reach a maximum of four (4) years of age.  At this point (the age of 4) they are spayed and retired from the program to live out the rest of their lives as a pet only.  Of course, this is all contingent upon other factors.  Some dams may only be bred once or twice, or not be bred at all.  See here for research about breeding back to back.  We are guided in all of our breeding decisions.  However, as I said before it isn't always cut and dry.  Our dams physical and emotional health are taken into account prior to planning another breeding.  There are many things that come into play for example: Did she have C-Section, was her labor difficult, did she bounce back or seem emotionally and/or physically drained, does she enjoy being a Moma, did her litter size get significantly smaller, is she having quality pups, or are there defects or traits that are undesirable, etc.

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a home that raises one of our babies as their pet but allows us to use him/her in our breeding program. for a specific amount of time or number of breeding's.  For more information regarding guardian homes please see here.

What is a show home?

A show home is similar to a guardian home.  The family raises one of our studs as their pet with the intent to train, teach, and enter them into various conformation, agility, etc. dog shows.  He will be used in our program for the contracted period set forth.

Do you use outside studs?

Under certain circumstances yes, we do (health tested, and proven).  Please contact us and we can talk.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We use AfterPay which will allow you to make payments towards a puppy of your choice. 

Have any of your puppies gone to be therapy or service dogs?

None as of yet but that is definitely a long-term goal of ours.

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