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Guardian Home Program

Guardian Home Basics

Guardian homes encompass guardian parents that are carefully selected pet owners that meet our requirements and can/will provide a loving, stable environment for one of our puppies/adolescents.

Wingless Angels Danes

sends the

Pick of the Litter

to each

Guardian Home


In order for us to give our babies (dogs) the best living home environment, it is very important that we limit how many dogs we keep inside of our home.  It is one our goals to be the best breeder that we can be, while improving our lines (adding quality bloodlines to our program) but being considerate of our dogs emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing.  There are times that we would like to keep our pick of the litter puppies, watch their growth, and see if they will fit in our breeding program.  It is then that we would look to our guardian homes to place these puppies.  From then we monitor the puppy's health, and temperament.  Our guardian homes are our babies permanent home.  This ensures the happiest and best beginning to these puppies lives after being weaned from their Mother.    

The Guardian Home program is an excellent

opportunity for all of us and this is why!

  • The puppy:

    • Gets to live in a forever loving home on a much smaller scale with less family members to compete for attention with and be spoiled as a companion/pet.

  • The guardian parent:

    • Receives a quality, pick of the litter puppy for a $250 to $500 reservation fee

    • Receives a puppy produced by their Guardian Home Male Dog (if desired)

    • Receives two (2) 30lb. or larger bags of the puppies current dog food when he/she arrives, along with a three (3) month supply of any supplements

    • Monetary return of 1/2 the reservation fee after the 1st litter (a litter consists of four (4) or more puppies) and the remaining 1/2 of the reservation fee after the 2nd litter.

  • Us at Wingless Angels Danes:

    • We benefit as a breeder because we will not have a need for the use of outdoor kennels.

    • We won't have to care for more babies than we are comfortable with caring for or manage.

    • It allows us to improve the breed by using the best of the best of what we produce without overpopulating our home.  

What could be better?!  If it is not a good thing for everyone involved then it will never be a good thing for anyone involved.  

For more in depth information regarding guardian homes email us                .

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