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Important Information

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A puppy is not a rash decision type of thing and this is not a rent-a-pup service so please think long and hard prior to attempting to add one to your family.  If you do not have adequate time/funds/space etc. to raise/train a Dane, if you plan to keep him/her outdoors, if you don't plan on keeping in touch, or if your family isn't on board, please do not waste our time or yours by going any further.  These circumstances are not conducive to our babies' well-being as they are people's lifetime companions.  Thank you.

DECLERATION:  Puppies will experience a degree stress and possibly some anxiety when moving to a new home.  Unfortunately, a dog's anxiety is often mistaken for behavioral issues, which is the number one reason why dogs are returned to their Breeder or to the shelter. Understanding this and preparing yourself will help the relationship get off to a better start and hopefully last in many years of happiness for both of you.  New living situations require time to adjust, so don't be alarmed if your new doggy is stressed at first. Once they're familiar with you and the new space, they'll know there's no place like home!


$1,200 and up (limited registration - pet home)

$2,000 and up (full registration)

Our pricing is based on pedigree, quality, and coat color/pattern (some coat colors/patterns require additional time/preparation/work to produce).

Discounts/Gifts (discounts cannot be combined):

5% discount for any pup paid in full before six (6) weeks of age

$25 PetsMart, Chewy, or Amazon Gift Card for referrals

10% discount to returning W.A.D. families

10% Military & Nursing Discount

5% Teacher Discount

Review Incentive

Wolf Blessing

Reservation Fee (needed to hold a puppy)

$300 for Limited Registration

$500 for Full Registration (when available)

These are non-refundable.     

Reservation fees are a part of the puppy balance (if you pay the balance upfront the reservation fee is a part of that balance).


Reservation fees can be made on future litters.  You would be added to our reservations fee list.

If you would like to pay the reservation fee plus the final balance, you may do so once the puppy turns three (3) weeks of age.



Where applicable, refunds are given within 30 business days.
Please see the contract for additional information.


We have three (3) lists.

1. Waitlist ($150)

2. Reservations Fee List ($300)

3. Contact List (No Charge)

All amounts paid are a part of the final price of the chosen puppy.


Please see the waitlist page for more details or to get on a list.


We have three (3) different shipping/delivery options that are available at the puppy buyers expense if the puppy cannot be picked up.




Delivery fees range from $325 to $900 on average.

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