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Nimrod "The Wolf" Blessing Gift & Discount 

Each year, in the name of my Father I have decided to bless four (4) families between the months of August (his birthday) and December.  Not only did my father serve his country, but he also served God's people.  He made a career out of caring for others as a nurse and he lost his life doing so to COVID in November 2020.


DETAILS:  One (1) active or veteran USAF family will receive a puppy or dog at 20% off, one (1) nursing family will receive a puppy or dog at 30% off, and one (1) family of a teacher will receive a 10% discount on a puppy or dog born or ready to go between August and December.

*IMPORTANT* If you don't see a puppy available on this page and there are puppies available on the available puppies' page, that means none of them qualify for this discount.  This could be due to litter size, unavailability due to waiting/deposit list fulfillment, or it isn't between the timeframe this gift and/or discount is given.

Families blessed in 2023

Waiting List

If spots are full, the waitlist is open to Military & Health Care worker families only.  Those families waiting will be listed below.  All other families that have applied will be placed on a call list and will be notified when a spot opens up.







Barkley - DOB 12/12/22

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